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Why is it so hard to choose sometimes?

By Helen-Edwards | March 1, 2012

“Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.” Robert H. Schuller Good advice and very lovely Robert and in many cases I…

will we find a cure for diabetes?

Cure or Remedy?

By Helen-Edwards | February 20, 2012

The following may offend some people. But I am going to say it anyway, because it is what I think and believe and hopefully may help some people to feel better, more peaceful and accepting of their lives with diabetes. When I was diagnosed in 1979 we were told there would be a cure for…

Life is a Process

By Helen-Edwards | February 13, 2012

I was thinking the other day about life simply being a process we go through.  We all go through the same process,yet is is different. So really, life is a dichotomy – it is the same, but it is different. That is sort of cool and a little bit confusing. What is exactly the same,…

Shut UP!

By Helen-Edwards | February 1, 2012

I am not a tightrope artist, yet I walk a tightrope every day. I am no juggler, yet I can juggle a million things all at the same time. I get dizzy easily and can not tolerate spinning around without feeling sick, yet I ride a roller coaster often. I am not a doctor, yet…

It isn’t easy being green (thanks Kermie)

By Helen-Edwards | January 31, 2012

I have made it my goal the past few years of my life, to try and live a green lifestyle. I have been moving towards this for many years, growing up with hippie parents who used to take me to second hand shops when I was a small child. I would trawl through the bric…

Judgement Day

By Helen-Edwards | January 24, 2012

Tomorrow is Judgement Day. My first visit to the Endocrinologist AKA Diabetes Doctor,  in over 8 months. And my last blood results, given to me by my Gastroenterologist, AKA Stomach Doctor, over the phone, were a few months back where he informed me that “everything is fine in my department, but as for your Endo’s…

Dave Smashes the Triathalon! – Guest blog

By Helen-Edwards | January 20, 2012

Guest blog – thanks to Dave who has type 1 diabetes for sharing this wonderful story!  Today I had one of those diabetes milestone moments, I completed a triathlon. For a long time, decades, I always wondered if I would be up to a triathlon. There is the BG issues, the food intake and prep…

I think I found the "G-Spot"!

By Helen-Edwards | January 19, 2012

So apparently the quest for the “G-spot” continues. An article today at “Australian Doctor”   states that the female G-spot remains a “mythical location”, after an extensive literature trawl failed to definitively prove its existence. Well folks, I can tell you I have found my “G-spot” and it is not really where you would think!…

It's ok Mummy, remember I'm a Doctor

By Helen-Edwards | January 18, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes. That really is true. I have come to realise this after having 3 lovely boys. Now aged 18 years old, 12 years old and 3 years old they have brought me joy, tears, sadness, happiness, laughter, cuddles, sticky fingers (and floors), frustration, awe, imagination, pleasure and immense love. Having…

Is waiting what life is all about?

By Helen-Edwards | January 16, 2012

Waiting….. I sometimes feel like I spend my whole life waiting. Waiting to grow up, to get my license, to leave school, leave home, leave town. Waiting to get out of bad relationships and in the the “right one”. Waiting to get married, to get pregnant, waiting for babies to be born. Waiting for kids…

Diabetes & Your Wellbeing

Did you know diabetes affects your wellbeing and mental health? People with diabetes have a higher risk of depression and many people experience diabetes related distress and diabetes burn out. Having good mental health requires you to focus just as much on looking after your emotional, psychological and social health, as your physical health. You need to do things that increase mental health and wellbeing – after all, wellbeing and health go hand-in-hand. Talking about how you are feeling is an important first step. Support is vital. You are not alone. Head here for our pages on diabetes and wellbeing.

Dealing with Diabetes

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is like starting a journey on a road that is new and unfamiliar to you. At diagnosis you can experience, shock, denial, fear, grief, anger, worry, hopelessness, and many other things. Family members can also experience these things too. These are normal experiences and feelings. You will work through them in time and become more comfortable with your diabetes. Talking about how you are feeling, getting as much information as possible, at a pace that is right for you, and taking time to care for your physical and mental health, are all very important at this time. These things continue to be important as you get on with life with diabetes.

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