Pumps are for everyone

When I was first considering an Insulin Pump I remember worrying about a lot of things, but one big one was how my kids would handle the pump, or more to the point, given we were planning baby number 3 at the time – how would the Pump handle the kids!!

Over the years I have learnt that both handle each other very well indeed.

In fact so well that my now 3 year old will hold it, as if it is part of my body. Talk to it and tell it to “move” when he is snuggling into my chest and “Pumpy” is attached to my top. “Ask me if he can have a Pump too and copy me when I change the cannula. “Ask (often) for a “hypo” and in fact demand he has a “hypo” when I am as he thinks lollies are called hypos (off the pump topic but so cute had to add it in) and take no notice whatsoever of the Pump as to him it is just part of me.

I am in awe of my kids, all of them. And I am also in awe of Pumpy – Pumpy, I salute you.

Me and Max and Pumpy (I now have a pink one!)


  1. Janine Hillier on January 11, 2012 at 10:46 am

    A perfect example of children’s acceptance. They are far, far more understanding than adults give them credit for. Nene

  2. Helen Edwards on January 11, 2012 at 1:36 pm

    totally agree Nene 🙂