Your Diabetes Hub is an archive of blog posts, articles & information, going back to 2001 when Helen Edwards founded the then Diabetes Counselling Online services and forums. 

We no longer provide services, but you can find our articles and information here. Thank you to everyone who was involved with our work, and the wonderful community xx Helen Edwards and Helen Wilde

how to manage depression and mental health in diabetes

There’s a Crack in Everything

By Helen Edwards

Don’t ever think that you are a failure, or a bad person for what happens with your diabetes and especially your mental health. It is easy to feel broken when part of your body does not work, when you have to deal with the fact that something has gone wrong and will never be the…

Managing Parent Guilt

By Helen Edwards

I am lucky to have 3 sons of varying ages  – one born in 1993, one in 1998 and one in 2008. Recently both my middle son and youngest son, had to have operations. The youngest has 2 teeth that did not develop enamel and had to have crowns put on in hospital under anaesthetic.…

getting support in diabetes is very important and the diabetes online community is here to help you in managing every day life with diabetes

Saying It Out Loud

By Helen Edwards

There are usually a few things in life that soothe and nurture you instantly. For me, this includes a cup of tea (any kind of tea), chocolate, flowers, walking in nature, especially in and around trees, or by the sea, and a good natter and cuddle with someone I love. Another big thing that helps…

Choices and Language in Diabetes

By Helen Edwards

I shared this Facebook Live video this week and it was very popular, so I am sharing it here in case you missed it. It is live streaming so not great quality but hopefully you will find it useful. Please share your comments and join the conversation Helen

Climbing Up When You Feel Like it’s all Too Hard

By Helen Edwards

This is a guest post by one of my favourite people, Mr Dave Barnes. Dave was a volunteer with our diabetes groups for many years. He has lived with type 1 diabetes a long time and recently suffered a significant hypo event that landed him unconscious and then into rehab. His stories are remarkable and…

Despite Diabetes or Because of It?

By Helen Edwards

The list of people I know living with diabetes who have achieved amazing things in their life is very long. I have often thought about why? I am not just talking about famous people. I am talking about all of the people I have met over the years, who have done outstanding things in their…

It’s Written in the Stars

By Helen Edwards

Human beings are such funny creatures. We become so tribal when it comes to our passions, our beliefs and our area of work. I have been in a number of different professional areas over the 30 odd years since finishing my Bachelor Degree in Social Work. I worked part time like many teenagers, as a…

Ypsomed Insulin Pump launches in Australia

By Helen Edwards

I have been on an insulin pump now since about 2001 – so that is around 17 years. I first went onto a pump because I was having a lot of issues with gastroparesis and tricky early morning blood glucose spikes. I was also planning our third baby. At that time in Australia there were…

dealing with diagnosis of diabetes

These Autumn Days

By Helen Edwards

Life with diabetes is a never ending learning curve. Just like the changing colours and the unpredictability of Autumn, diabetes dances around as the wind changes, brings a crescendo of colour and can make you crash to the ground like a falling leaf. This is never more true than at times of change, in your…

The Injustice of Diabetes

By Helen Edwards

How are you travelling with diabetes? Yesterday was a crap day diabetes wise for me. In the scheme of 38 years, it was not a great one, not the worst, but definitely not the best. The day started with a spike in my blood glucose levels after breakfast. I have changed to a “Thins” bread…

diabetes and your wellbeing

Diabetes and Your Wellbeing

Did you know diabetes affects your wellbeing and mental health? People with diabetes have a higher risk of depression and many people experience diabetes related distress and diabetes burn out. Having good mental health requires you to focus just as much on looking after your emotional, psychological and social health, as your physical health. You need to do things that increase mental health and wellbeing – after all, wellbeing and health go hand-in-hand. Talking about how you are feeling is an important first step. Support is vital. You are not alone. Head here for our pages on diabetes and wellbeing.

stars in the night sky

Dealing with Diabetes

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is like starting a journey on a road that is new and unfamiliar to you. At diagnosis you can experience, shock, denial, fear, grief, anger, worry, hopelessness, and many other things. Family members can also experience these things too. These are normal experiences and feelings. You will work through them in time and become more comfortable with your diabetes. Talking about how you are feeling, getting as much information as possible, at a pace that is right for you, and taking time to care for your physical and mental health, are all very important at this time. These things continue to be important as you get on with life with diabetes.