Your Diabetes Hub is an archive of blog posts, articles & information, going back to 2001 when Helen Edwards founded the then Diabetes Counselling Online services and forums. 

We no longer provide services, but you can find our articles and information here. Thank you to everyone who was involved with our work, and the wonderful community xx Helen Edwards and Helen Wilde

Diabetes Makes Your Brain Bigger…..

By Helen Edwards

Ok so just back from a normal morning of getting up past the alarm, finding the 17 year old son was going to school late so I had to take the 11 year old instead of him, getting myself, the 11 year old and the 2 year old ready to go out the door, battling…

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Meditation is Not Just For Hippies!

By Helen Edwards

Deep relaxation and meditation are very natural and very powerful activities. Meditation is the method of bringing a scattered, disorganised mind into a state of peace, quiet and tranquillity. It is about focus and calmness. You might wonder how you manage that when you have to fit a few dozen blood glucose checks or more…

The Battle of the Fat – Survivor vs Designer

By Helen Edwards

As a long term person with type 1 diabetes, I have also battled a life long war with weight….I am one of those lucky people who got not only the gene that led to type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune problems, but the “fat” gene – lucky old me.  I am wondering how many more…

the art of diabetes management

The Art of Diabetes Management

By Helen Edwards

We all know that science underpins diabetes don’t we? Billions of dollars are spent worldwide researching the causes, possible cures and treatment options for diabetes. There are millions of scientists and health care professionals working hard in the diabetes field, far and wide, across the world. And there is a precise science to the way…

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What’s it all about anyway? Or don’t sweat the small stuff

By Helen Edwards

I got to thinking the other day about life. From time to time lately, I have really started to ponder this thing we call life. Living with a chronic disease or life threatening illness can really put you in a headspace where you start to question what is life all about? Many people talk about realising…

Diabetes and eating disorders – overcoming the dangerous beast

By Helen Edwards

I have spoken with lots of people living with diabetes, as well as body image problems and eating disorders over the years – both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Many people with type 2 diabetes struggle with binge eating and body image issues; people with type 1 diabetes have double the rates of eating…

how to have a healthy pregnancy with type 1 diabetes

How do you have babies when your pancreas is missing in action?

By Helen Edwards

Imagine a 12 year old girl, on the edge of adolesence, growing up, waiting for boyfriends, dreams, plans and ideals. Imagine a 12 year old girl who loves babies, who really wants babies and a family, as part of those dreams.  Enter type 1 diabetes. Idyllic childhood shattered. Imagine a 12 year old girl told…

support and blog for life with diabetes

An interesting ride time and time again!

By Helen Edwards

We are entering into the world of blogging here as another way to reach out to the many thousands of people living with diabetes. As a web based counselling service we hear stories from people every day that reflect our own personal journeys. All of our counsellors have diabetes themselves and yes, we all have…

diabetes and your wellbeing

Diabetes and Your Wellbeing

Did you know diabetes affects your wellbeing and mental health? People with diabetes have a higher risk of depression and many people experience diabetes related distress and diabetes burn out. Having good mental health requires you to focus just as much on looking after your emotional, psychological and social health, as your physical health. You need to do things that increase mental health and wellbeing – after all, wellbeing and health go hand-in-hand. Talking about how you are feeling is an important first step. Support is vital. You are not alone. Head here for our pages on diabetes and wellbeing.

stars in the night sky

Dealing with Diabetes

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is like starting a journey on a road that is new and unfamiliar to you. At diagnosis you can experience, shock, denial, fear, grief, anger, worry, hopelessness, and many other things. Family members can also experience these things too. These are normal experiences and feelings. You will work through them in time and become more comfortable with your diabetes. Talking about how you are feeling, getting as much information as possible, at a pace that is right for you, and taking time to care for your physical and mental health, are all very important at this time. These things continue to be important as you get on with life with diabetes.