It's ok Mummy, remember I'm a Doctor

Out of the mouths of babes. That really is true.

I have come to realise this after having 3 lovely boys. Now aged 18 years old, 12 years old and 3 years old they have brought me joy, tears, sadness, happiness, laughter, cuddles, sticky fingers (and floors), frustration, awe, imagination, pleasure and immense love.

Having children at all these different stage of life at the same time, I am on a magical journey where there are fairies, monsters, imaginary worlds with dinosaurs and robots, tantrums and undying love, whilst at the same time I am flung back into my own teenage years working out what to do in life, dealing with the challenges and problems of becoming a grown up – although I must say as a woman, working out how my son’s minds tick can sometimes be a challenge in itself!

Living with type 1 diabetes for 33 years and being told at the age of 12 that I would “probably never have children” and that IF I did they would probably be too large, too deformed, too troubled to survive, it is simply a miracle to me that I sit here amongst the total chaos of these 3 beautiful young people that I actually grew inside this “diabetic” body of mine.

This morning, whilst sitting for a cuddle my 3 year old Maxwell said “oh Mummy, sorry I hurt you”. “How?” I asked. “I just hurt your diabetes” he said.  Scratching my head I thought about what he meant and realised he had leant on my Insulin Pump in my nightie pocket. “Oh, you leant on my pump?” I asked. “Yes” he said ” I hurt your diabetes”. I told him it was fine and he turned with big eyes and said ” Mummy, you have a hurt in your tummy and the Doctor needs to fix it”. How the hell does he know the pancreas is in the tummy? Or maybe it is because my tummy resembles a car accident victim with all the bruises, pump bumps and spots…..”Oh the Doctor can’t fix Mummy’s diabetes” I explained.

He turned to me again with those big baby blues, hopped off my knee and stood up with finger in the air…”Oh but Mummy, REMEMBER I got a Doctor Kit and I can fix you!”  Running quickly to his Doctor Kit (asking for help as it is a bit hard for a very small Doctor to open his Doctor’s case) he proceeded to try and fix my diabetes, running X-ray machines across my tummy, looking in my eyes and ears and even doing a “blood test” with the toy thermometer as it has a clicky bit he thinks it is a finger pricker.

Jeez…maybe he will be the one to find a cure?

Or maybe he will just be one hell of a caring man.

Either way I love him. Thanks for fixing me Max.

Maxwell and James have a sand hug