I think I found the "G-Spot"!

So apparently the quest for the “G-spot” continues.

An article today at “Australian Doctor” http://www.australiandoctor.com.au/news/no-proof-of-female-g-spot-   states that the female G-spot remains a “mythical location”, after an extensive literature trawl failed to definitively prove its existence.

Well folks, I can tell you I have found my “G-spot” and it is not really where you would think!

The G-spot for me and many other women, especially those of us who have children is “GUILT”.

Big, shiny, in your face, bring it on GUILT.   Forget the big “O” and meet –  the big “G”.

This G-spot” unlike the one described above in the Australian Doctor article, is easy to find…..

Just look at the face of any woman who has just had to say “no” to her child,  about anything.

Or who has just had to leave her screaming child with wet cheeks and hoarse cry echoing down the hall as she click clacks off to work. Who is enjoying her day at work, getting involved in creating something, talking to adults, being congratulated on her skills and intelligence, who stops suddenly as she remembers that wet little face this morning as she closed the child care gates with the big red sign on it stating “we have 5 cases of gastro reported today”……and finds the G-spot.

Who is spending the day home with her kids, but feels that dreaded “G-spot” at her back, reminding her she has a lot of work to get done, what about the deadline for that report next week?”Oh I forgot to call so and so back” “what will they think of me?” – instead of enjoying her time off with the kids. Cue – Guilt.

Or who has just secretly eaten a block of chocolate when she has promised herself she can diet, grasping on to hold handfuls of fat from around her waist as she eats it, just to remind herself she does not deserve this treat and will just get fatter (a CLASSIC way to find the G-spot).

Look at any woman who has just told her boyfriend, husband, lover – it is over, or who has finally slipped away for a night with the girls, or who knows her best friend is sleeping with someone else – but is too loyal to say anything to her friend’s husband. …..

Look at the face of the woman who has just thrown away her child’s drawings from primary school as she just can not find space to STORE it all, who has been secretly slipping her teenage son money so he has something to go out with but has not told her husband, who lets her child fall asleep in front of television, eat crap, lie around in the holidays instead of get involved in every activity on offer, who doesn’t go to their friend’s dinner parties preferring to curl up on the couch, whose house is not as new, as clean, as shiny, or as organised as her friends or the ones they show on those toilet cleaner ads on tv.

OR take a look at the woman who just does not feel in the mood to get into trying to find that other seemingly unfindable “G-spot” these researchers are so interested in when her husband comes up behind her with expectant eyes at the end of the night, when the kids are finally asleep and all she wants to do is drift awaaaayyyyy….

Yep, I have certainly found my “G-spot”.

Throw in living with type 1 diabetes and the old “G” goes crazy!

There is guilt from:

  • eating too much carbohydrate
  • not eating enough carbohydrate
  • doing too much exercise
  • not doing enough exercise
  • being too fat
  • being too thin
  • not changing my finger pricker EVERY time I test (ummm what person with type 1 diabetes DOES that?)
  • not washing my fingers before I test (what person with type 1 diabetes DOES that?)
  • the results I get on that Blood Glucose Machine (especially if I am at a Diabetes event – try working with people in diabetes! It can really suck when you have it yourself and they are always asking you what the result was!!)
  • not changing my insulin pump site every 2 days
  • not exercising
  • not getting the insulin ratio right (who DOES that?)
  • will I give my kids this bloody disease one day……….

So next time you are looking for the G-spot – try looking at her face and you just may get it.