Online Diabetes Counselling, Thriving with Diabetes & the Libre Flash Monitor

Well this post has a flipping LONG title! It is all about your wellbeing, online diabetes counselling, thriving with diabetes and the Flash Libre glucose monitoring system! Firstly I have launched my online diabetes counselling services which you can now find here. These are very limited appointments each week so please get in as soon as possible if you think it may be useful. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am in process of arranging to be covered by Medicare for counselling services to people in rural and remote areas – the new Govt programme for this launches in November and you will need a referral from your GP for this. Otherwise there is no cover but you should check with your private health about counselling services being covered by any area of your fund. You can also chat with me about payment options.

Head here for online diabetes counselling.

Simple Steps to Thrive with Diabetes

This is a new FREE 7 day programme I have just launched! If you are already on our email list you may find you can not sign up – if so please let me know and I will manually add you to the list so you can get the 7 days programme.

Do you want to stop just living with diabetes & start thriving?

Do you feel like diabetes has consumed your life? Does it take over, push you around and exhaust you? Perhaps you feel guilt around your diabetes, shame even…or maybe you just get upset about the lack of understanding from people who don’t live with diabetes, or the lack of sensitivity, even of loved ones. It can be so easy to get resentful and feel like you are the only person in the universe who is going through the daily rollercoaster of diabetes. Taking time to consider your relationship with diabetes, how you think & feel about it, and making some plans for action, can really help. Take the time so you can thrive with diabetes.

What are the Simple Steps TO THRIVE WITH DIABETES?

  • You will get instant access to the programme PLUS a free copy of our eBook “Putting the Brakes on Diabetes Burnout”
  • For 7 days you will get 1 simple task via email, to evaluate, learn about, and make changes to the way you think and feel about your diabetes
  • Find out about diabetes burnout, managing stress & using mindfulness strategies
  • You will be supported to really look at your diabetes, and how you feel about it, breaking it down into areas of your diabetes and your life, rather than just looking at it as “diabetes”
  • Get simple tools to decide where you want diabetes to fit into your life, not the other way around
    Understand your diabetes better & make some plans for action
  • You will get support and accountability (you are not alone)
  • You will join the Diabetes Can’t Stop Me community to connect with other people living with diabetes too

Head here for all the details on how to join.

Diabetes Blogging & the Flash Libre

I am getting ready to head to the annual Pro Blogger conference and mastermind event to put together some great new resources for our diabetes community, followed by the #dx2melbourne diabetes bloggers event, supported by Abbott. I will be getting updates on the Libre Flash glucose monitoring system and have a new sensor in so I can troubleshoot with them if I have issues – however this one is working well so far. I tried the trick of inserting the sensor last night but not starting it until this morning and so far so good. I will be sharing more about my experiences with the Flash Libre soon.

I will also be sharing on social media across the 4 days while I am at the events, and next week on the blog. So great these events were one after another! It’s going to be a huge 4 days  in Melbourne. I am going to try and be as mindful as possible and soak it all up. Anything you would like me to ask the Abbott team about the Libre? Just let me know and I will do my best.

Thanks for being here, in the past, present and future. I look forward to sharing the journey with you. Always get in touch if you want to chat.

Helen x