"I had a lot of contact with Helen Edwards through Diabetes Counselling Online. My son with type 1 diabetes was then an adult but I still gained a lot of support; knowledge and friendship in that group. I volunteered to support Helen and her organisation to help improve the lives of hundreds and perhaps thousands of people in Australia and some overseas. Her knowledge, dedication, care, quick response to help people in need of advice regarding diabetes is outstanding" Margaret


"Helen helped my family through my long-term diabetes-related illness. I believe that without her help we would not have coped through the early stages of that until I recovered. Very grateful for her passion and services". Bridgett


"I'm one of the many lucky people with diabetes to have received help from Helen to understand and cope with this disease. Her never-failing generous support is of tremendous help". Vivienne

helen wilde

"Helen's guidance & example assisted me in developing my diabetes counselling practice for over 10 years. Her blog posts, articles, books, courses, and presentations serve as resources for myself and others. Helen's own professional practice is always conducted at an exemplary level, informed by both her personal life experience and a deep level of professional understanding. Helen maintains a high level of current professional knowledge, gained through Academic Study and Research, and through learning via professional conferences" Helen W