7 days, 7 simple steps to thrive with diabetes


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Do you want to stop just living with diabetes & start thriving?

Do you feel like diabetes has consumed your life? Does it take over, push you around and exhaust you? Perhaps you feel guilt around your diabetes, shame even...or maybe you just get upset about the lack of understanding from people who don't live with diabetes, or the lack of sensitivity, even of loved ones. It can be so easy to get resentful and feel like you are the only person in the universe who is going through the daily rollercoaster of diabetes. Taking time to consider your relationship with diabetes, how you think & feel about it, and making some plans for action, can really help. Take the time so you can thrive with diabetes.

Note to self
You can not take away the fact that diabetes is hard. It is hard work. It is unfair and it really sucks a lot of the time.
Note to self
BUT You have much more in your life than diabetes, and you can find ways to deal with the hard moments, times, weeks, months, and thrive with diabetes
What are the Simple Steps

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Find out about diabetes burnout, managing stress & using mindfulness strategies

You will be supported to really look at your diabetes, and how you feel about it, breaking it down into areas of your diabetes and your life, rather than just looking at it as "diabetes"

Get simple tools to decide where you want diabetes to fit into your life, not the other way around

Understand your diabetes better & make some plans for action

You will get support and accountability (you are not alone)

You will join the Your Diabetes Hub community to connect with other people living with diabetes too


What are your thoughts about diabetes? How do you react when something goes wrong?


Get clear on where you want diabetes to sit in your life and how to deal with the tricky moments, days, weeks.

journal care plan


Do you have a good support network? What or who might you need to add or take away from your life?


Understand your feelings better and how to prevent and manage diabetes burnout.

This has been instrumental in helping me to identify when I am feeling burnt out and unable to manage my Diabetes. While I am never going to always get it right, for the most part I can now identify my triggers and work at getting my team on board to help me through. Lots of thought provoking content and well worth going taking the course!".



Helen and her organisation have helped improve the lives of perhaps thousands of people living with diabetes. Her knowledge, dedication, care and quick response to help people with diabetes in need of advice regarding their health and wellbeing is outstanding".



Helen is compassionate, kind, knowledgeable. A true advocate for people with Diabetes. She has helped me cope with my diabetes many times and in many ways. I am lucky to have such strong woman in my corner. She has your back and has the biggest heart. 



Helen Edwards gave me the confidence to implement new ways to deal with my diabetes in my every day life, in contrast to my past failed attempts. I didn’t just learn “how” to cope everyday “what” and “why” also became much clearer. Honestly Diabetes Counselling turned my life around. She has also become a life long friend.



Your Diabetes Hub Founder

In case you are wondering - here is a little bit about me. I am Helen Edwards, a diabetes blogger, counsellor, educator and advocate; and PhD Candidate looking at the wellbeing of women with  diabetes during pregnancy and motherhood, with qualifications in social work and diabetes education. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1979 when I was 12 years old, I have seen numerous developments in diabetes care and management, and changes in the way that we view people living with diabetes. I am a strong advocate and voice for diabetes and mental health, founding Diabetes Counselling Online in 2001. I ran this online counselling service and national charity until it closed in June 2016, and was a state finalist in the Australian of The Year Awards and the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards for this work, along with many other grants and awards. I am mum to 3 sons and very passionate about diabetes wellbeing and making sure people with diabetes live long, healthy and happy lives. I have lived with depression, anxiety and burnout, and know how hard it can be to live with this sometimes unmanagable disease we call diabetes. I also know what a wonderful life you can live. Read more about me here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to do lots each day?

No! The idea of simple steps to thrive with diabetes, is to give you one thing each day for a week, that you can consider and contemplate. Whether you then spend lots of time or just a moment on each day's task is entirely up to you.

Will you be able to make changes to my diabetes management during the programme?

No, we can never make changes to your diabetes management because this is between you and your regular diabetes team. If you have questions about your management it is always best to ask them directly. 

Will other people be doing the programme too?

Yes! This is not a one off time frame though - people go through this course at their own pace, however you will find lots of other people in the Your Diabetes Hub community who are on the same journey as you, and gets lots of support in the group.

Can I get individual support?

Absolutely - if you want to book a counselling session at any stage, you will be able to do that through getting in touch with me for details.

Can you help with food and exercise questions?

This simple steps to thrive with diabetes course is focused on wellbeing, stress management and mental health. We do include some links and tips around food and exercise, because this is part of thriving. We can also direct you to a health care professional to develop a tailored plan for you. 

What if I am having a physical or mental health emergency?

This is a self-guided online programme. It is not suitable for someone in an emergency situation - if you have an emergency with your physical or mental health, please attend your closest emergency department, or call your usual doctor. We can not help you with an emergency. 

I am the parent, carer or partner of someone with diabetes - can I join?

Absolutely! Diabetes is a family affair and we welcome loved ones to our programme and our community. Just remember to apply the steps to your life, as someone who loves a person with diabetes, and try really hard not to judge them, or place your experiences on their lives.