Poetry that touches the heart: for the #diabetes parents out there

To my Mum

Sleeping with your clothes
to drink in your smell,
Grabbing your long dark hair
as I learnt to walk.
Camping by rivers
and mountains and trees.
My baby sister,
Your face.
Holding onto you tight
when the needles came
knowing this was it,
a life of diabetes,
Road trips and plane trips,
backpacks and trains.
Teaching and learning
and life trips and love.
Laughing til it hurts,
Crying together,
Telling stories,
Your brilliant mind.
Watching my babies together
as they grew inside me,
Hot chocolate and
hearing their heartbeat,
Loving them together
Before they were even here.
Picking almond blossoms
in the middle of the night,
Wildflower Woman.
Riding the storm
of my growing up,
saving the world together
doing good things
with your good heart,
Loving you.

Happy Mother’s day lovelies from my rainbow brained family

Poet Helen Edwards