Guest blog: To put yourself in the way of beauty


Guest blog from Georgia

I’m one of those people who gets inspired easily, and I’ve wanted to see the movie ‘Wild’ for a while now. I have this tendency to adapt to films I love or am inspired by and want to incorporate a part of them in my life.

Hence Jurassic Park > My trip to Africa, no I’m not insane and yes, I do have my own life. But I have to say as inspiring as Reese Witherspoon was in this film, I’m not prepared to hike 1000 miles through rain, heat and snow, although the scenery looked great.

I was inspired however, by this quote that was said throughout the movie “To put yourself in the way of beauty” – the more you think about it, the more powerful it gets.

There was one part of the movie (I promise; no spoiler alert) where Reese was mad at her mother for dancing around the kitchen, slamming “we have no money, our house is falling apart and we will both be paying off student loans for the rest of our lives, what do you have to dance about”.

Her response was, you can either stress about it or learn to love regardless and enjoy the beauty of life. So many times I freak out, over things out of my control and lately I have been becoming slowly more inspired by the raw beauty of life – when I walk to work I don’t look down at my phone I look up at the buildings and the people on their way to work and think of what their story may be.  I love seeing people jump in and out of coffee shops getting their morning fix to get them through the day.
Because if you look around every once in a while things aren’t all that bad.

Remember how I mentioned, I was going to see a new Endocrinologist? Well I did and he was fabulous, there wasn’t a moment I felt guilty (nor should I have). Not only was it the first time I left without wanting to cry or feel I needed to change everything about my life, but it has reminded me of how well I am doing. Not often that happens, where I feel accomplished that I am doing my best. It’s a strange thing, where it’s not something you chose to have, yet it’s a constant feeling of failing and I know I am not the only one who feels like this.

I also think that to everyone out there living with diabetes and who have that constant ‘not good enough’ feeling, get rid of it, it’s not doing you any favours!


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  1. Lyndal on February 19, 2015 at 7:54 am

    Gorgeous post Georgia. Thanks for sharing!