Georgia’s Friday Blog, going on Safari!

In just under a month I leave for South Africa and after my stressful weekend, it couldn’t come sooner.

From Friday morning through to Monday afternoon my blood sugar level didn’t want to come down, upping my insulin ratio and dose by almost double, I thought would have done the trick. It wasn’t budging.

After talking it over with my parents we came to a self-diagnoses of the problem – a build-up of fatty tissue from where I do my injections, and with a physically demanding day and a change over for injection locations seemed to have worked a treat.

All I can do now is hope it stays this way.

On another note an adventure safari dream trip in South Africa makes everything better, since first planning, more planning and even more planning the time has flown by and in about 3 weeks we will be setting off bright and early towards the African sun.

I love travelling; it’s not only one of my passions but my happy place. I love experiencing new countries and cultures.  It gives me a new lease on life and this trip will definitely shake my world up a bit.

I always seek out adventure along my travels, one of my fondest action packed trip was to Fraser Island just  Australia, where we went four wheel driving and hiked across dunes of sand to the bluest lakes. I was a lot younger than I am now and a lot has changed including the fact that I never had my licence then and now I’m on my fulls, which opens my opportunities up.  It was an amazing family trip, I loved every second of it.

However this trip will hold a lot more demand, with early morning game drives and hopefully Elephant riding.

I am literally counting down the days with an app on my iPhone to assist me, it goes to show that although this last almost week has been really difficult things do come around and I know there’s not always going to be a holiday there to help pick me up, there is always a bright side to every dark side.

It’s enough that my blood levels have been behaving a million times better, when everything is out of whack (diabetes wise) it drains you, physically, mentally and emotionally and when it starts sorting itself out it’s like a weight is slowly being lifted off my shoulders.

That’s enough out of me, have a good weekend.

Stay safe, have fun and I’ll talk to you soon

Georgia Hall

Georgia is a young woman living with type 1 diabetes, our Newsletter Reporter and part of our Youtube Team, and a Fashion Blogger at Fateful Fashion



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  1. helwild on October 18, 2013 at 9:21 am

    Hi Georgia! another great blog 🙂 That darned bgl! glad it seems to be behaving a bit better now. I agree with you about Travel, you grow and learn so much by experiencing other cultures and places first hand. Very exciting to hear about your African Safari trip coming up! I do hope you are going to share some stories of Travelling with diabetes, being in Africa, and being on safari.