Georgia’s Blog, Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting their battle too

Hello everyone and welcome to Friday, for this blog post I thought I would write it based on the quote;

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting their battle too”.

Earlier this week I started volunteering with Habitat for Humanity writing articles on their success stories and accomplishments with both their partners and as a charity.

The first story I covered was a family who have just paid off their loan from Habitat of $50,000 after 12 years. When interviewing them I could tell how happy they were, as if a massive weight has been lifted off.  As they were sharing their story with proudness in their eyes I got thinking, how different everyone is.

At times it’s easy to fall in to the trap of ‘nothing can go right’. Everyone has bad days, or weeks, or periods of their lives that have been the hardest of their life. It’s what makes us who we are.

I sometimes think I could have it worse, and it’s true, I could.  I consider myself very lucky with all the blessings I’ve had, yet my life isn’t always easy and it’s hard to compare problems because your hardest time is no different from someone else’s.

What I am trying to say, although I have never been through the struggles of what the Habitat family had, I’ve had my own and it’s always best to be nice and respectful.  I know many people who put their problems on pedestals compared to others, as if it makes them more prone to sympathy, it’s not true.

However there are people who need a wakeup call, those who are obsessing over the little problems in life that will soon pass – to take a look at the big picture and maybe instead of creating problems, why not try being the solution for someone else.

Some don’t express their pain like others do, so before you judge or think you know everything about someone’s life, take a second and remember “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting their battle too”.

They just may not be showing it.






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  1. helwild on February 22, 2014 at 6:33 pm

    Thank you Georgia. Very wise words.