Chefgood and Diabetes Victoria Launch

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Do you find that food has become a nightmare since being diagnosed with diabetes? Or perhaps you have had the opposite experience, where you have realised that eating a healthy diet is essential for anyone, diabetes or not – and that there is no such thing as a “diabetic diet”! In fact people with diabetes simply need to eat a range of healthy fresh foods, with a focus on nutrition, rather than any particular “diet”.

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes way back in 1979, we were given a list of foods called “Forbidden Foods” – that I was never allowed to eat again. As a 12-year-old this was incredibly traumatic and isolating. My mother was also taught to weigh all foods and I was required to eat what were then called “portions” 6 times a day, in set amounts. A portion was 10 grams of carbohydrate, later changed to the American “exchange” version, which is 15 grams of carbohydrate and which many of us still use to count our carbs even today. It is amazing how you learn that an average piece of bread is essentially an exchange! I was also allowed to eat as much fatty meats, cheeses and so on, as I liked. Luckily this has changed and we now have a much more realistic way of eating, with some people choosing low – moderate carbohydrate eating, others choosing a higher carbohydrate diet and everything in between. Foods are no longer “forbidden” and it is about working out how to navigate out there in the world where there is such a push on unhealthy foods.

In diabetes food can become exhausting, and become the focus of your life. I know there is also SO much confusing information out there about food, that people without diabetes struggle to know what is healthy, let alone those of us who have to manage the added layer of a pancreas that is not working at full steam.

Have you ever wished someone would take all of the guess-work out of it for you? I know many times I can become a bit over being the person responsible for all of the people in the household when it comes to choosing and preparing food as well, but the home delivery options are often not that great for lots of reasons. That is why I was delighted to get contact from a new business called Chefgood, who are creating waves when it comes to home delivered food, especially for people with diabetes. One of their points of difference is the fact that ingredients are fresh, local and prepared by qualified chefs, with nutrition at their core.

Poached egg on sourdough toast, with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and salad leaves. A healthy, delicious breakfast or brunch.

Who are Chefgood?

Chefgood are a team of Chefs, Dietitians and Nutritionists, who provide affordable, high quality, ready-made meals. Their meals have an emphasis on portion (calorie) control, and good wholesome ingredients, with no preservatives or extracts. The team at Chefgood are really passionate about health and using food as medicine for the prevention of developing health risks. I have personally had a chat with the founder, Jon, and his passion for this is clear.

Chefgood recently launched a PR campaign with Diabetes Victoria to help raise awareness of the amount of people at risk or living with diabetes.  The goal is to contribute to minimising the impact of diabetes on the Australian community and raise awareness amongst the population about mindful food choices, and providing a realistic pathway for people living with diabetes to better health through a sustainable lifestyle shift. The Chefgood team believe that having healthy meals delivered can make a difference. After conducting some research , the team found that many people with diabetes feel overwhelmed when it comes to making the change to more healthy eating – and don’t we know it! I have spoken to so many people struggling with eating issues, concerns about weight, understanding the best way of eating and balancing everyday life. Chefgood are aiming to facilitate and support that change. Their goal is to help with peace of mind when it comes to your nutrition and health by providing the link between the knowing and the doing.

Operating in Victoria and Sydney at the moment, the idea is not to prepare special meals for people with diabetes, but to encourage healthy eating for all, and food that ticks the boxes recommended by Diabetes Australia, for a balanced diet. The team prepare all meals at their local kitchen in Melbourne, and deliver directly to your front door or desk.

For more information on how to try the service – head here to the Chefgood website




  1. Rick Phillips on December 7, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    Looks good, very good.

    • Helen-Edwards on December 12, 2017 at 7:01 pm

      it does!