A Look at The New Low Carb Muffin From Muffin Break

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Living with diabetes is no picnic as you all know, yet food is a central part of our frustrations (do you like the pun?!). But seriously, not being able to eat freely, when you want, where you want, what you want, can become an all consuming and depressing part of your life if you let it. If you can take a healthy and balanced approach to food, you will have a much happier and healthier life with diabetes. You may like to check out our resources on diabetes and food here. Today we are taking a look at the new low carb muffin from Muffin Break and why inclusion is so important in diabetes.

I wrote recently about the  new lower cab muffin from Muffin Break, and the story behind this new range, which makes it much more than a muffin.  It is about people with diabetes feeling included, something we often miss in many social situations and in life in general. Being able to freely make choices about what you eat when out and about is empowering and can help make you feel part of your family and friends, rather than an outsider. I know I grew up feeling very much on the outer, and I wrote a post here recently about the loneliness of diabetes.

I was lucky enough to visit Sydney recently – how gorgeous is Sydney even with grey skies – and the head office of Muffin Break, to meet the creators of the low carb muffins, John and Natalie.

finding out about the low carb muffin from muffin break

finding out about the low carb muffin from muffin break

finding out about the low carb muffin from muffin break

finding out about the low carb muffin from muffin break

finding out about the low carb muffin from muffin break

John was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 18 years old and was told it was triggered due to stress. He has  lived with it for 28 years now and worked with Muffin Break for many years. Over time people were asking for a muffin suitable for people with diabetes. He had a personal desire to welcome people with diabetes into Muffin Break stores. And to add the personal passion behind this story, Natalie and John’s young son has also been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes so they totally get the daily struggles and juggles of life with type 1 diabetes. finding out about the low carb muffin from muffin break

The couple threw themselves into finding the solution to offering something suitable in their stores.

I had a lovely day with the team, and even got to go into the kitchen and make the muffins! One thing that I was really impressed with was that each muffin is very carefully measured to be exactly 20 grams of carbohydrate as they are made and all are baked daily. There are no shortcuts. They are placed on a set of scales while the mix is poured into each muffin tin, to be certain of the carb content because Natalie and John know how important that is to us all living with diabetes. I did not do a great job of filling the tins, well I was very slow! But the team were super slick at getting the right amount into each muffin tin, and into the oven to bake. Each store bakes the muffins fresh every day.

finding out about the low carb muffin from muffin break

muffin break 13

muffin break 12

Here is the first part of the story and part 2 will be coming soon! Have you tried one of the low carb muffins yet? We would love to see your pictures of you enjoying a low carb muffin! So please tag me in on twitter, Facebook and instagram with #morethanamuffin




  1. SallyMarchini on December 9, 2015 at 3:33 pm

    If they’re made with chick pea flour and chia seeds, does that mean they’re also gluten free and suitable for people with both diabetes and coeliac disease? That would be amazing!!

    • Helen-Edwards on December 10, 2015 at 8:11 am

      as far as I know they still have some wheat flour. I will have a chat with them