Mt Gambier – dealing with change and transition

On the 7th and 8th of February a team of us headed down to Mount Gambier to host a workshop on ‘Transitioning’ within diabetes.
The trip was definitely worthwhile, an experience I will never forget.
The workshop consisted of two days at Mount Gambier, first day including speeches and discussion from people living with Diabetes, who are transitioning, or got diagnosed later, educators and doctors.
The second day was similar, however including a breakfast and an open discussion – which to me was the highlight, seeing how much it affects everyone, knowing you truly aren’t alone and there’s someone out there going through similar rough patches like yourself.
It was a great chance, to talk to people and share stories, to someone who understands.
I believe, overall it was a success, and it definitely has opened up a few doors on how we can help these rural communities, who aren’t as privileged with their diabetes care in the future.
A big thanks to everyone involved, especially Lorraine who organised the event – she is a big inspiration to us, the changes she wants to make and her dedication is admirable.
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