I am Diabetes – by guest blogger Vette

I am diabetes, I never ever shall leave you alone. Even if I am type 1 or type 2 I shall remind you in many ways I am here. That packet of jellybeans, they’re mine, that vial of insulin, that’s mine, that BG meter that’s yours, to watch me with ALL THE TIME. I have been with you, in your blood, in you eyes, in your kidneys, in everything, because I affect it all, yep even down to how you cut your toenails. I was with you when you gave birth, I was the multitude of machines & the way your child was affected once leaving us. These days I am even the machines that hang from your body. I jab you, I make you shiver, I make your mind go crazy sometimes, because I steal all your energy & languish it on making your BG levels drop thru the floor or shoot up to the stars. I threaten your lifestyle, & your ability to be independent, by making the doctors take away your license. I cause your mind to be muddled, just like you’re drunk, but you haven’t even really had a thing, just a little problem of bg’s being lower than they should to function. I am the prick of that needle tip everyday whether it is from a lancet or a needle or even an insulinset. I am the thousands of dollars you have spent to try to make your life ‘normal’, although we know that is just a dream. I am the one who may steal your eyesight, or a limb or even a kidney if I feel like it. Although you are told you can control me by the powers that be, they lie, because at the end of the day I control you & every thought you have. I am the things you eat & also the math you do to decide if I shall behave or not. I am the one who may share others with, like kidney disease, or eye disease, or simply feel that you may not need those toes or even that leg.
I even affect your children, after they have left our body. Not just the way they think but sometimes the way they are made within us makes their live
I can even make you seem insane, which even doctors misdiagnose, simply call it depression, caused by thinking of me forever & always, never a break at all


By Our Guest Blogger – Vette Marie Drew