Guest post from Georgia: Fresh as a daisy!

Sharing a guest blog from Georgia today



I have got motivated this week, it is 2015 – a fresh start, my fresh start. After a long (needed) break it was go time, 2015 hit me with full force of determination; I was going to make this year mine.
I started with the compulsory booking of appointments, at first hair & nails, then the medical side of things: Endocrinologist (a new one, for a new start); Podiatrist (my annual care plan appointment); Eye test (my biannually care plan appointment); blood test for my 3 monthly Hba1c and an appointment with my GP to get my referral for my new Endo.

I have a feeling, after a messy 2014 this year is going to deliver the goods, a year to achieve and work towards my goals and get my Fashion Blog well and truly off the ground and get everything (diabetes wise) in the best shape possible.

Not that it is in a bad place at the moment, I feel great but there’s always room for improvement, like my quote of the week “Always be a work in progress”, you can never stop bettering yourself.

A new Endo means a chance to have someone understand me more and to hear my side of things before looking at levels, a new set of eyes to provide me with help and support. It took a while for me to agree to find a new Endo, I was adamant that I could handle everything myself (I’m still confident I could), but it doesn’t hurt and who knows my stubborn self may learn a thing or two. I am going in to this with no qualms what so ever. After my last experience I hold no expectations to my new doctor, but hope that this time round it doesn’t end in guilty tears.

On another note, I am all about challenges – I get stressed when I have so much to do, but I never feel satisfied until my diary is full of commitments. I like being busy and I love challenging myself and investing myself in new tasks.

This year I am focusing on:
1. Getting fitter than ever
2. Having more adventures
3. Possibly undertaking an external course
4. Doing a first Aid Course
5. Expanding my/our Fashion Blog.

I advise you all to make this year your year! I turn 22 this year and I read this great article saying how your 20’s are your selfish years and your 30’s are your years to plan for the rest of your life, me being me I want to make my 20’s both of those things.

But most importantly, I am focusing on me, investing my time on those who I truly care about and who truly care about me. High school was years ago and I am feeling myself grow up and change from the person I was 3 years ago – I am still the same child who dances to One Direction around my room, and my values haven’t changed, but I have and so has my attitude – all for the better of course.

2015 baby!

Au Revoir
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