Give Happy Live Happy: Celebrating our #Volunteers

Update: This post was written to thank Volunteers during the time we operated as a Charity. The Charity is now closed. Volunteering is no longer available.

‘May 2015: Every day we support thousands of people here and in the Social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter etc. As we have a very small staff, we rely on many Volunteers who support us in a range of ways. Some help with fund raising, others provide Peer support, and others provide Professional support above and beyond the hours they are paid .

In Facebook, some of those Volunteers spend many hours each day, as Administrators working to keep our many closed groups safe and accessible to members living with diabetes. Some of our Key ‘Sweet Relief’ Volunteers  are Joan Bailey, Ian Graham, Dave Barnes, Margaret McEvoy, and Marita Morley; and more recently, Cindy Tolba and Maggie Smith. We thank them for their work, and would like to acknowledge that without them, we could not manage the sheer volume of work that these groups entail. Their support in invaluable in that they bring lived experience and wisdom to their involvement and advice. Our key Fund Raising Volunteers over the past year have been Sally Stavrinakis, Margaret McEvoy, Kevin McEvoy, Kellie Gill, Mollie Gill, John Edwards, Alisha Daniells, and Beyond Bank staff members. Peer Support Volunteers include some of those already mentioned, plus Vivienne McKenna, Rosie Hall, Bridgett McDonald, and Catherine Forbes. Their input to our groups is invaluable.

To all our Volunteers, we say ‘Thank You’, and want you and your families to know just how much we appreciate and rely on your support.’


Volunteering is no longer available with our organisation. (edit 21/03/2017 HW)


Helen Wilde

Volunteer Coordinator

for Helen Edwards