Georgia’s Friday Post, a change for the better

Well it’s back to reality, this week has been busy and slow but there’s nothing better than getting those things that have been lingering on your to-do list, off!

There’s always so much pressure at the beginning of a new year, to make a change for the better, to make promises to yourself that you know you are most likely not going to keep and to finally do all those things you have been meaning to do for the past 3 years.

I’m no different; I have already added 3 of the above to my resolutions list. Most people see this as a bad thing and say we should stop planning for tomorrow and live for today, that’s true, I believe we should live in the moment a lot more, however if you don’t have anything to look forward to it’s hard to make the most out of the day when tomorrow looks dull. I say plan away, dream as much as you can and try and make them come true, dedicate your time and energy because it shows you still have motivation and determination and if those items on your new year’s resolution list are still there after a few years – tick them off this year, for once and for all. If they have been on your list for a while it means that they matter to you and you owe it to yourself to come up with a brand new resolution list for 2015 with no past baggage.

I know this year is going to be huge. Busy, stressful, tiring but hopefully, rewarding.  There’s nothing better (for me anyway) than looking back after a year and seeing what you have been through, both good and bad and seeing how much you have grown and learnt from those nasty lessons life has belted at you.

Sometimes it can get overwhelming (to say the least) so this year remember that it’s okay to take time out for yourself, I know taking a period of time off is better than procrastinating throughout your days.

I hope this post has inspired you to do what you want to do this year, but take the pressure off because as daunting as it is, there’s always another year. So plan ahead but take some time out of your day to enjoy it, even if it’s pulling yourself away from your computer, stepping outside and taking a deep breath.

One piece of advice my mum has always given me when I have been stressed is to not worry because it always gets done in the end.

Happy New Year!

Until next week – Georgia

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