Georgia’s Friday Blog: up and away!


By the time you are reading this, I will hopefully be safe and sound in South Africa!

I would have left early Thursday morning to arrive in Johannesburg later that evening.

There has been a lot of preparation for this trip and as early as we started organising it, it’s crept up and arrived before we knew it!

The idea of the trip came about over a discussion with my dad one night, saying how we always wanted to do an ‘Adventure Trip’ we tossed up between New Zealand and South Africa and finally when it came down to it, we began planning our African Safari.

I know this trip is going to be one I will always remember and cherish,  and no doubt I will post about it up here soon!

I’m hoping to do some posts while I am away, but if I don’t get the chance – I will be sure to fill in every detail when I am back.

We will be gone for about 3 weeks which seems to be a good time to go away – not too long, not too short and as I said there has been lots of preparation when it came to this trip and one factor that demands attention is my diabetes medication to pack for this holiday.

Fortunately I have been lucky enough to travel a bit, and recently going on a couple of overseas trips – we have got the ‘diabetes packing’ under control, however for this trip as it will be more action packed and very foreign to us – a lot of time and consideration (and lists!)  have been made to make sure we are fully prepared for what we know and what we could be surprised with.

This is also my first trip away ‘Gluten Free’ but we haven’t been too worried about that as meat, vegetables and fruit are all safe options to go for and in some areas where we aren’t completely ‘roughing it’ there will be menu’s with Gluten Free options – I’m sure.

Our first stop after transferring from Johannesburg will be Victoria Falls where we are hoping to do some adrenaline fuelled activities! From there we join a Safari group for a week then make our way to Kruger National Park, from there Cape Town (to hopefully shop a bit!) and lastly Port Elizabeth.

We are extremely excited for this awaited journey!

Next time we’ll talk, I’m sure I will have a few more stories for you!

Until next time

Georgia  🙂

Georgia is a young woman living with type 1 diabetes, our Newsletter Reporter and part of our Youtube Team, and a Fashion Blogger at Fateful Fashion