Georgia’s Friday Blog, talking Christmas

Hello again!
Now that I’ve told you all about my Africa trip it’s time to talk about a topic that’s extremely relevant at the moment, Christmas.

I love this time of the year, everything from the music, food, atmosphere and most importantly seeing family.
One thing I highly dislike is the mad rush that follows, now I have made a vow to myself for next year to get my Christmas shopping done prior to the panic that I am feeling right now.

This year (end of year) has been crazy, from coming home after almost a month in Africa, to work and catching up on everything else in my life I have left everything Christmas to the last minute, somewhat deliberately. It was only the other day we put the Christmas Tree up and that’s when the spirit of Christmas started taking over.

Although I have still have to get some last little presents the real purpose of Christmas won’t go astray, family time.
I have a fairly large family and I love them to bits. I am so grateful for them and this time of the year only shows our love for one another more.

This will be my first Christmas Gluten Free, although it won’t be a problem as one of my Aunty is also Gluten Free and all our family are on board when it comes to others needs, however it’s still a little milestone in my life.

I can still vaguely recall my first Christmas with Diabetes, I can’t remember any problematic instances so I presume it was just like any other Christmas. If I don’t get a chance to blog again by the New Year I wish you all a happy & safe summer, wherever you may be going or not going, enjoy this time with your loved ones and try not to stress too much (I know it can be hard)
With love,
Georgia XX


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