Georgia’s Friday Blog, all the check ups

Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend. At least this weekend we will have left the heat wave behind (here’s hoping).

This week has been relatively normal, working and getting through all the things I need to do, along with doctors’ appointments after doctors appointments.  Fortunately nothing is wrong, it’s just that famous time of the year for me when all the check ups need to be done.

So far I’ve gone through my GP Diabetes Care Plan, done all my blood tests (who would have thought I would have so much blood!) had my annual Podiatrist appointment and I have my Biopsy early next week as it’s nearly been a year since I was diagnosed with Coeliac.

Which also means it’s been a year since I had a burger! I’ve never been into fast food and burgers but a year ago when we were in LA (oh how time flies) my friend took my mum and I to ‘In & Out Burger’ and I have to say although it wasn’t quite ‘in & out’ it was the best service and food I’ve ever had at a fast food joint. So if you are ever in the neighbourhood – put down a visit to ‘In  & Out’ on your itinerary – you won’t regret it!

As I was saying, although I’ve never been phased with burgers I have developed quite a craving – maybe due to nostalgia, anyway mum has found the best Gluten Free Baker and this weekend to ‘celebrate’ a year with Coeliac we’re eating home-made burgers (ironic huh?).

After my Biopsy appointment there is only a meeting with my Endocrinologist then that’s it… for a little while at least. The beginning of the year is always the craziest and this heat isn’t make things go smoothly – it’s making me very lethargic and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

Anyway, I hope you keep cool this weekend and have some celebrations of your own, whatever they may be and for whatever reason, not that you need a reason to celebrate!


Until next time, Georgia x