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Hello again

Last week was fairly disjointed (not in a bad way however).  I had my endoscopy which went well, and I had the best day afterwards, watching movies, sleeping and more sleeping.

As I write this I am sitting in a shack at the Murray River, it’s currently a bit cool outside so today calls for movie day (one of my favourite type of days)!

The River is probably my favourite place to go to, it’s different every time and is a bit like a time capsule holding so many great memories.

I’ve always been a river girl ever since I was little and that’s one thing I am truly thankful for.  I love experiencing new places, travelling to foreign lands and being swarmed by different cultural settings but at the same time I love coming up to the same place I have for over ten years, it can never get old whether I am with family or friends (or both) I know that no matter the weather it will still be a great time.

One of the best memories I’ve had up here was over New Years 2013-2014, the majority of my family were up and after a tough 2013 it was perfect to celebrate the new year with the ones I love most.  Although it was relatively quiet I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Not often do I get to spend a block of time with my extended family so I have included a video made from our new years up the river for you to see what it was like for us.

I hope you all had a peaceful weekend spent with your loved ones!

Until next time