Georgia’s Blog, how time flies

This year not only is my third year out of High School (which has flown by) but the year I’ll be turning 21, to me this a significant age, I’ve always looked forward to turning the big 2-1 and now It’s only months away.  It’s crazy how time flies.

Since I was little my friends and I always spoke about being 21 and what that means, those friends who I would talk about my future with when I was 6, 10,  13, 16 and so on are still my best friends today. So this post is about them.

They know exactly who they are, I’ve been friends with them for 16 + years, which is incredible to think when some friends barely stay in your life a year let along 16.

We’ve come a long way in our friendship, from being at separate schools to having small periods of time apart to becoming closer than ever and now when we talk about our future it’s in a totally different way, such as the next steps in our lives, moving out, getting a career we enjoy and really, really growing up. But for now, although we are making small changes that are impacting our future, it’s nothing that is going to separate us.  It’s scary knowing that one day we may not all be living in the same place but for now we are enjoying our life as it is.

We have been through a heck of a lot in the last 16 years and I couldn’t be who I am today or where I am today without them, they make me happy every day.

Not to mention how proud I am of them, they have all grown in to exceptionally beautiful and caring friends, I cherish every memory with them and can’t wait for all the ones to come.

Of course I can’t forget to mention my other friends that I haven’t known as long that live interstate and overseas, one I met on a cruise from England to New York 2 years ago now and we are closer than ever and our catch ups involve a plane ride and unforgettable adventures.

Another set of friends I met on another cruise when I was 14, they live interstate and again it’s a plane ride to see them but when we do catch up it’s like we were those 14 year olds kids running around the boat again…nothings changed, except we’re all growing up.

Bottom line of this post is I’m thankful, these people play a major role in my past, my present and my future and I can’t thank them enough for the love and support they have always provided me with and I know wherever life may take us we will be friends forever (as cliché as that may sound).

To friendship,    Georgia