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prejudice, judgement & bias- who me? I’m a nice person! I know all about diabetes, right? Talkin’ WDD2013 blues

By Helen Wilde Today is World Diabetes Day, 2013. What is your wish for today? Mine is that through awareness and education, the prejudice, judgement and bias shown by media and ordinary people about those of us living daily with diabetes would come to an end. Or at least reduce. It’s also about the self…

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DAWN2 Study, continuing to highlight the psychosocial needs of people with diabetes and their families

When I first started Diabetes Counselling Online in 2001, the world was starting to recognise the important gaps in care for people with diabetes when it came to the psychosocial needs and impact of diabetes. The DAWN study brought this to the limelight, asking people with diabetes and their health care providers about their “Diabetes…

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