Carb Counting Queen: am I really good at Maths, or is it an illusion?

First posted on September 5th 2014.

Edited 30/03/17 to reflect the changes from the former DCO to Diabetes Can’t Stop Me.

I’m always so profoundly moved by what people are so prepared to share with me.  I received the following lovely piece of writing from one of the Parents in our former ‘Parents of Kids with Diabetes’ group on Facebook. You may find it of interest if you are the parent, carer or grandparent of someone with diabetes.

Guest Blog by Maureen Campey

Thanks to Maureen Campey for sharing of your thoughts.  Fabulous writing Maureen. Yes, the tears come, even if in secret. There are the times we ALL feel like the ‘carb counting Queen’, whether we have a child with diabetes, or have diabetes ourselves! As you say, it helps to be able to see the funny side. I think it also celebrates our confidence in our skills & knowledge, a confidence that we need to stay sane.

“Sometimes I feel sad, but there are times when you just have to laugh at the craziness of life as a mum of a Type 1 child. We were at a friend’s bbq recently and when I came home, I started to write this. Do you feel like this too? I’m happy to share this and just give you a laugh. x

The Carb Counting Queen

I am the carb counting queen. No carb is too complex for my capabilities. This title, it has to be said, was totally uncontested. There was no bloody revolution. There is no pretender to the throne.

A Saturday afternoon bbq? Sure, we’d love to come! Watch me as I glide, seemingly effortlessly, towards the buffet. Greeting friends on either side, they are totally unaware of my inner calculations. Think synchronised swimmer – all smiles above the water, craze of activity below. If karma exists, my maths teacher would be rolling about laughing.

Think synchronised swimming

Think synchronised swimming

Ok, here we go! Salad, all good: nice and plain. A top ‘filler upper’! Protein, yip: lots of chicken, and sausages. Fine, but wait! Was the chicken marinated? Best stick to sausages! Which carbs though? At least a modicum of healthiness! Bingo! Corn on the cob! One exchange down!

I bet there’s a loaf of bread somewhere, hopefully wholegrain! Always a ‘failsafe’ but so, so boring. Can I check out the pantry without seeming like a crazy lady? Ah look! Potato bake! Now, how did I calculate carbs in that one I made at home? Get the Mobile ‘phone out and have a look. There might be one on the ‘Carb Counter App’ or my faithful knave the ‘Traffic Light Guide’.

Is there a dessert I wonder? Fruit? Maybe iceblocks for the kids? Which brand? Would it be rude to ask? Please let it be at least font size ten on the packaging! So unseemly scrambling about for those newly prescribed glasses.

All that in a ten metre walk! Pass me a glass of bubbly! Now for the rest of the family!”

Maureen Campey

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Helen Wilde

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Helen was a Senior Counsellor with She has been the mother of someone with Type 1 diabetes since 1979, and has lived with Type 2 diabetes herself since 2002.