Your Diabetes Hub – what’s it all about?

You will have noticed some changes around here! We have rebranded with the name “Your Diabetes Hub” and have started to grow our Diabetes Hub Directory!

The other day I had a live chat on our new Facebook page here (please come and follow us) about what will be happening and what it’s all about. I have shared below – it is FB live quality so not great but you will get the picture! We are now building the BIGGEST online diabetes resource out there! Having been online since 2001, and being one of the very first diabetes communities on the internet and the first online counselling and diabetes service, we think it is appropriate for us to now develop the site further to support wellbeing in living life with diabetes. We are looking at some in person events at a later stage, as well as lots of great additions to the Your Diabetes Hub.

Since I started my first online diabetes counselling service and community in 2001, there are now a huge amount of diabetes organisations, groups and businesses offering support, information, services and products, to help people with diabetes live well.

The problem is that many of you are isolated into your own websites and social media accounts, with no easy way for people with diabetes to find you. Often people are unsure how to get their business out there to people with diabetes. And people with diabetes are unsure about where to start and who to trust.

The online diabetes community has exploded in recent years and many people with diabetes are well informed about their health, and know what they are looking for when it comes to managing.

There are also lots of other people who are very unsure about what is out there to help them.

Bringing it all together

Either way, there is no one resource that brings all of this together and makes searching easy for both people with diabetes and the businesses, services and information they are seeking.

Enter the Your Diabetes Hub Directory!

You can head here to read more and I hope you will consider adding your diabetes blogs, groups, books, research, events, health care professionals and services, diabetes apps, tech, devices, products and more, to make managing diabetes easier, and improve wellbeing for all people with diabetes.

Stay tuned as we grow the directory, make sure to sign up to the newsletter for the latest and come join us on FB and instagram


Your Diabetes Hub from Helen Edwards on Vimeo.

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