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How to Manage Food For Teens With Diabetes

managing teens with diabetes

Adolescence is an exciting and challenging time for all parents and teens, diabetes or not! For a family where a teenager has diabetes the period of adolescence can be difficult for both the teen and their family. Young people go through rapid physical, mental, social and emotional changes as they adjust to increased pressures and…

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Research: Why does it matter? The Endia study

Edited 30/03/17 to reflect the changes from the former DCO to Diabetes Can’t Stop Me. As the parent of someone with Type 1 diabetes, it can seem that the only organisation in the world doing research into diabetes is the International Charity, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, or as it is more usually known nowadays, the…

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choices in diabetes management

How you choose to manage your diabetes may have powerful consequences. What may seem a small thing, such as type of insulin; how you deliver this – by pump, pen or syringe; the blood glucose monitor you use and how often you monitor – can be huge things in your diabetes management, ability to take…

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