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Saying It Out Loud

getting support in diabetes is very important and the diabetes online community is here to help you in managing every day life with diabetes

There are usually a few things in life that soothe and nurture you instantly. For me, this includes a cup of tea (any kind of tea), chocolate, flowers, walking in nature, especially in and around trees, or by the sea, and a good natter and cuddle with someone I love. Another big thing that helps…

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Surfing the Diabetes Waves

Sometimes I think diabetes and all of its ups and downs, is a reflection of the ebbs and flows of life. Just like the way that your thoughts and feelings can come and go like the tides, and the ways that you can feel like you are floating sometimes, and other times, like you are…

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The Loneliness of Diabetes

**Language warning – this post contains some genuine words and thoughts about life with diabetes – don’t read if it offends you. There are so many times where you feel alone when you have diabetes. It is something other people can sympathise about with you while they slam down a beer and eat the chocolate…

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Taking the Lead with Diabetes

diabetes management tips

Guest Post from David Mapletoft, Diabetes Educator  This September will be my 35th year as a registered nurse. In all that time I have done many things: midwife in delivery suite for 15 years; cardio-thoracic intensive care for 5 years, and now as a diabetes  educator for the past 18 years. The one thing that…

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Management of diabetes in hospital

Guest Post, David Mapletoft, Diabetes Educator With a safe and effective diabetes self management plan you can reduce your risk of the need for a hospital admission. However, if you do end up in a hospital bed – and it may not be for diabetes – ask to see one of the diabetes team. Having…

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Online Balance

Sometimes you need a moment away from diabetes. It is so consuming, so in your face, so part of nearly every moment of your day, that sometimes you need to step back and say “enough”.  Trying to find this balance can be a challenge. You don’t want to forget about it , or neglect your…

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