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These Autumn Days

dealing with diagnosis of diabetes

Life with diabetes is a never ending learning curve. Just like the changing colours and the unpredictability of Autumn, diabetes dances around as the wind changes, brings a crescendo of colour and can make you crash to the ground like a falling leaf. This is never more true than at times of change, in your…

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Living an Attached Life with Diabetes

If you live with diabetes and rely on technology to stay alive it can bring all sorts of emotions. As a person with type 1 diabetes myself, it is very interesting to live life permanently attached to something – my insulin pump – and being reliant on machines to live.  I feel both grateful and frustrated…

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Research: Why does it matter? The Endia study

Edited 30/03/17 to reflect the changes from the former DCO to Diabetes Can’t Stop Me. As the parent of someone with Type 1 diabetes, it can seem that the only organisation in the world doing research into diabetes is the International Charity, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, or as it is more usually known nowadays, the…

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An empty nest or a full one?

Are you a parent? And have any of your children grown up? The age at which kids grow up these days is questionable and very different to when my generation were young (MY generation, does that make me sound old?!). I moved out of home at 18 as I had to go to the city…

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