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Managing Parent Guilt

I am lucky to have 3 sons of varying ages  – one born in 1993, one in 1998 and one in 2008. Recently both my middle son and youngest son, had to have operations. The youngest has 2 teeth that did not develop enamel and had to have crowns put on in hospital under anaesthetic.…

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Guest Blog: Thanks Teacher

Our guest poet, Maureen Campey, has written another great poem about Parenting a child with diabetes. This time, Maureen has written about her teenage son starting a new year of High School, one of those momentous hurdles that we all face as parents. Here are Maureen’s wise words. Sending our kids back to school always…

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A letter from your diabetic daughter

There has been a lot of discussion in our parents group on Facebook in the last few days about how to make children with type 1 diabetes eat when they refuse to, and generally do what they need to manage their diabetes. Some of the comments have been heartwarming and show great understanding of the…

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While we’re busy making other plans..

A diagnosis of diabetes brings the ‘C’ word into everyday life: Control. We get bombarded with information, instructions, advice. We’re told to ‘test’, given pieces of paper to go to a clinic or hospital for a variety of even more ‘tests’. We’re monitored, measured, & judged. For some people, this becomes more important than anything…

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Life..’More than #diabetes’ Ups & Downs

Flowering Wattle

How much does diabetes dominate your life? It is a health condition which, because it is related to food and exercise, can seem like the most difficult health condition you could possibly have, doesn’t it? And because the symptoms are not always obvious or noticeable, it can seem that if you ignore it, it will…

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An empty nest or a full one?

Are you a parent? And have any of your children grown up? The age at which kids grow up these days is questionable and very different to when my generation were young (MY generation, does that make me sound old?!). I moved out of home at 18 as I had to go to the city…

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