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D-thoughts on Snacking

snack ideas for diabetes

Guest Post from Sally Marchini, Dietitian This must be the ‘most asked’ question I get as a dietitian: “What are the best snacks for people with diabetes?” It’s not really a black and white question as the answer depends on your personal diabetes requirements, your personal tastes, your ability to be mindful in your choices and…

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Making 2&5 easy

Guest Post by Sally Marchini, Dietitian We’re all so busy these days. How on Earth are we meant to able to consider our health and getting enough fruit and vegetables (our 2&5) into the meals we eat? Often I see clients who, when I take their diet histories, they don’t even start to consider foods…

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Fibre is our d-friend

Guest Post, Sally Marchini, Dietitian I’m sure you’ve all heard about the importance of including good levels of fibre for good digestive health, so I thought it worthwhile to talk through the different types of fibres and how they benefit us as well as what the evidence says about fibre in relation to diabetes and…

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