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These Autumn Days

dealing with diagnosis of diabetes

Life with diabetes is a never ending learning curve. Just like the changing colours and the unpredictability of Autumn, diabetes dances around as the wind changes, brings a crescendo of colour and can make you crash to the ground like a falling leaf. This is never more true than at times of change, in your…

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Facing Life & Fear Head On

There has been a lot of discussion lately about worry, fear and anxiety when you have diabetes. For many people living with diabetes, on the surface daily life is no different to the rest of the world, but other people can not see all of the decisions you are making, like whether to check your…

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Yoga may help people living with type 2 diabetes

Guest Post from Dr Tony Tanious – House Call Doctor For people living with type two diabetes, regular exercise is fundamental to maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. Fortunately, regular exercise doesn’t always have to involve exhaustive weights training or rigorous cardio.  Instead, new research suggests that participating in yoga may help people with diabetes  be less…

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Guest Blog: Thanks Teacher

Our guest poet, Maureen Campey, has written another great poem about Parenting a child with diabetes. This time, Maureen has written about her teenage son starting a new year of High School, one of those momentous hurdles that we all face as parents. Here are Maureen’s wise words. Sending our kids back to school always…

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Juggling Wellness and Diabetes

Guest Post Sally Marchini, Dietitian I’m writing this personal kind of blog on a Saturday. I love Saturdays. They encompass lots of things I love to do which all contribute to my wellbeing.  This morning I was out on my run and because it’s Saturday and lovely Spring weather lots of my neighbours were also…

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While we’re busy making other plans..

A diagnosis of diabetes brings the ‘C’ word into everyday life: Control. We get bombarded with information, instructions, advice. We’re told to ‘test’, given pieces of paper to go to a clinic or hospital for a variety of even more ‘tests’. We’re monitored, measured, & judged. For some people, this becomes more important than anything…

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Life..’More than #diabetes’ Ups & Downs

Flowering Wattle

How much does diabetes dominate your life? It is a health condition which, because it is related to food and exercise, can seem like the most difficult health condition you could possibly have, doesn’t it? And because the symptoms are not always obvious or noticeable, it can seem that if you ignore it, it will…

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My d-holiday in Thailand

Guest Post, Sally Marchini, Dietitian Wow! I really needed that break! I had concerns about my diabetes and coeliac disease before I left, but other than a few minor hiccups, they were fine.  I prepared well, and was mindful of my activities (as much as possible) so thought I’d share some of the highlights with…

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