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Practical Tips for Label Reading

Guest Post from Sally Marchini – Dietitian and person with type 1 diabetes My very first blog for Diabetes Counselling Online was written on label reading because as a dietitian I have found it is such a popular topic with clients, to help them be clear on how to make healthier food choices when shopping. To…

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D-discussion on ‘That Sugar Film’

that sugar film

Guest Post from Sally Marchini, Dietitian Recently I attended the Newcastle premiere of ‘That Sugar Film’, with Damon Gameau as the star. I was there because I was invited to participate afterwards as the ‘nutrition expert’ in the 30 minute Q&A with the audience, numbering 640. I thought my experience worth talking about as, although…

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Breakfast with Diabetes

Guest Post Sally Marchini, Dietitian Many people have been asking me about their breakfast choices lately, so hopefully this blog will help to answer some of your own breakfast questions.  They usually want to know how to choose a good breakfast cereal, how much of it to have to keep them feeling satisfied til morning…

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Label reading made easy for healthy choices

Guest Post, Sally Marchini, Dietitian Eating well involves following the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating by consuming foods from the 5 food groups in the right amounts (averages for adults provided) and to drink plenty of water: Plenty of vegetables of different types and colours, and legumes/beans – the more the merrier! Fruit – aiming for…

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