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Georgia’s Blog, how time flies

This year not only is my third year out of High School (which has flown by) but the year I’ll be turning 21, to me this a significant age, I’ve always looked forward to turning the big 2-1 and now It’s only months away.  It’s crazy how time flies. Since I was little my friends…

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Georgia’s Blog, Relaxation

So soon into the New Year, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed.  Not that I am already, but for Christmas I was given a Pure Indulgence package at a Spa – including a massage, facial and manicure. Even though it was a long day at the Spa it was so relaxing, and at one…

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Georgia’s Friday Blog: up and away!

By the time you are reading this, I will hopefully be safe and sound in South Africa! I would have left early Thursday morning to arrive in Johannesburg later that evening. There has been a lot of preparation for this trip and as early as we started organising it, it’s crept up and arrived before…

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