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D-discussion on ‘That Sugar Film’

that sugar film

Guest Post from Sally Marchini, Dietitian Recently I attended the Newcastle premiere of ‘That Sugar Film’, with Damon Gameau as the star. I was there because I was invited to participate afterwards as the ‘nutrition expert’ in the 30 minute Q&A with the audience, numbering 640. I thought my experience worth talking about as, although…

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D-thoughts on Snacking

snack ideas for diabetes

Guest Post from Sally Marchini, Dietitian This must be the ‘most asked’ question I get as a dietitian: “What are the best snacks for people with diabetes?” It’s not really a black and white question as the answer depends on your personal diabetes requirements, your personal tastes, your ability to be mindful in your choices and…

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Juggling Wellness and Diabetes

Guest Post Sally Marchini, Dietitian I’m writing this personal kind of blog on a Saturday. I love Saturdays. They encompass lots of things I love to do which all contribute to my wellbeing.  This morning I was out on my run and because it’s Saturday and lovely Spring weather lots of my neighbours were also…

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Rave About the Glycemic Index

Guest Post by Sally Marchini – Dietitian Recently I’ve been hearing a few people raving about the benefits of including low-GI carbs regularly in our food intake, and you may have realised by now that I am a HUGE fan of them and include low-GI carbs in every meal that I eat (wherever possible) as…

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Fibre is our d-friend

Guest Post, Sally Marchini, Dietitian I’m sure you’ve all heard about the importance of including good levels of fibre for good digestive health, so I thought it worthwhile to talk through the different types of fibres and how they benefit us as well as what the evidence says about fibre in relation to diabetes and…

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Oats for d-Health

Guest Post by Sally Marchini – dietitian Oats are an awesome topic for a d-blog as they bring together so many aspects of food in our lives with diabetes including the glycemic index of carbohydrates, the importance of whole grains in our diets, soluble and insoluble fibre, heart health and the chance to talk about…

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How to manage d-lunches ‘on the road’

Guest Post Sally Marchini, Dietitian Quite a few of our readers have indicated that they find having a nutritious lunch to suit their diabetes requirements in their busy lives a tricky thing to deal with. Hopefully this blog will help with some practical ideas that you can implement whether you’re a truck driver, a shop…

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Top Ten Tips For Healthy D-Eating on a Budget

Guest Post Sally Marchini, Dietitian I’ve had a few requests for some ideas about how to eat healthy on a budget, especially with the costs of living with diabetes becoming ever higher. I’ve done some looking around and there’s loads of help out there. Today’s blog is based around a handout I provide to my clients,…

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Heart week reminders for d-health

Guest Post, Sally Marchini, Dietitian We know that people with diabetes are 3 to 4 times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease (including heart attack and stroke) than those who do not have diabetes. In addition, around 75% of all people with diabetes die from cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and stroke. So it’s definitely…

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A closer D-look at Australian Dietary Guideline 3

ideas for healthy food at Christmas for diabetes

Guest Post Sally Marchini, Dietitian To date we’ve covered quite a few topics from our Australian Dietary Guidelines including : Guideline 1 – ‘Diabetes and healthy weight with a twist’ Guideline 5 – ‘Food safety – a major consideration in the heat of the Aussie summer’ and a few from Guideline 2 – eating a…

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Protein and diabetes – do you get the balance right?

Guest Post Sally Marchini, Dietitian With diabetes it’s important that we consider all the nutrients that contain energy (macronutrients) and understand what their roles are and how to ensure that we have enough of them for our Wellbeing. Protein is one of the four macronutrients that also include carbohydrates, fats and alcohol.  Also, as protein…

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Planning your meals makes healthy eating easier!

Guest Post Sally Marchini, Dietitian Many of us with diabetes (regardless of type) struggle to maintain a healthy weight, and although I like to make clear that my focus is on Wellness rather than weight, it can be helpful to improve your wellness by ensuring that you’re eating well in accordance with the Australian Dietary…

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