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Lifting the Burden of Chronic Disease

managing wellbeing and diabetes

I have been going through some changes to my health lately, including high and low blood pressure, lightheadedness and a couple of instances of vertigo, mood changes, sleeping troubles, night sweats and unexplained overnight blood glucose spikes (incredibly cruel when I am on a low carb diet and changing my pump sites daily). I was…

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Why I won’t accept diabetes

Today I am talking about dealing with diabetes and all that follows. There’s lots of words for it – acceptance and adjustment being two of the most common ones, but what we are talking about here is being able to deal with the fact you have diabetes, and get on with your life. It is…

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Putting the Brakes on Diabetes Burnout

managing diabetes burn out

Diabetes burn out is a common problem for many people, but what is it? Basically this occurs when you grow very tired of managing your diabetes. You might experience feelings of exhaustion and instead of sticking to your regular blood glucose checks, medications, exercise, insulin and other self care tasks, you only do them partially…

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