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Sleep ’tis a gentle thing..

Oh Sleep..’tis a gentle thing, belov’d from pole to pole.. Our occasional blogger, Dave Barnes, has shared his thoughts on the ‘night life’ experienced by most people living with type 1 diabetes: the lack of sleep, the various physical needs that must be attended to through the night, the impossibility of an uninterrupted night’s sleep,…

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“I forgot to measure my BGL ….. “

Guest Post from David Mapletoft, Diabetes Educator Do you use your blood glucose level meter like a compass, giving you some direction with your diabetes self care plan? And if so, is missing an occasional blood glucose level really a problem? At a meeting of diabetes health care professional specialists a few years ago I met an…

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Juggling Wellness and Diabetes

Guest Post Sally Marchini, Dietitian I’m writing this personal kind of blog on a Saturday. I love Saturdays. They encompass lots of things I love to do which all contribute to my wellbeing.  This morning I was out on my run and because it’s Saturday and lovely Spring weather lots of my neighbours were also…

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