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Do you need someone to come and talk at a professional diabetes or consumer event, conference or workshop?

Have a diabetes article or blog post you need written?

Love a speaker to come to your workplace to talk about managing & living with diabetes so you can improve staff health, wellbeing and productivity?

Need a Consultant or consumer advocate on a diabetes project?

Or guidance on setting up and using social media and blogging in your diabetes organisation or practice?

With a 30 year career in mental health, working in diabetes as a diabetes educator and counsellor since 2001; a pioneer in use of online counselling and social media for health after setting up my own diabetes online counselling service in 2001; becoming one of Australia's top bloggers; and working in my own business as a diabetes blogger, writer, speaker and advocate, I have gallons of knowledge and expertise to share. I was a state finalist in the Australian of the Year Awards in 2016 and the Telstra Business Women's Awards - for purpose and social enterprise, in 2015.

I am a very experienced writer, public speaker and workshop presenter and have presented to small, intimate groups, right through to keynote sessions at 10,000 attendee scientific diabetes conferences across the world. I love to talk! I have acted as consumer representative on Commonwealth projects, as well as various working parties and groups. I have run consumer events and diabetes retreats across a range of settings.

Having worked in diabetes since 2001, as well as having lived with type 1 diabetes since 1979, I can share stories around the lived experience of diabetes, mental health and wellbeing, diabetes burnout and depression.

I have a particular interest in type 1 diabetes and pregnancy and am undertaking my PhD in this area with completion at the end of 2018. This is my first study

I have written, edited and published books on diabetes; written for numerous journals, blogs and magazines, including Diabetic Living, Diabetes Australia, Diabetes Living; and featured on many more. I have been writing online in diabetes since 2001. Read more about me here

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Helen Presenting at the World Diabetes Congress

Kind Words From Lovely People


Mum of a person with type 1 diabetes

I first met Helen Edwards in a volunteer situation at a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation even. Soon after I had a lot of contact with Helen through Diabetes Counselling Online which she had formed and I offered to volunteer. My son with type 1 diabetes was then an adult but I still gained a lot of support; knowledge and friendship in that group. I offered to assist with fundraising and I continued with it for many years to help in whatever way I could to support Helen and her organisation to help improve the lives of hundreds and perhaps thousands of people in Australia and some overseas. Her knowledge, dedication, care, quick response to help people in need of advice regarding diabetes is outstanding


Person with type 1 diabetes

The Diabetes Burn Out and Depression course has been instrumental in helping me to identify when I am feeling burnt out and unable to manage my Diabetes. While I am never going to always get it right, for the most part I can now identify my triggers and work at getting my team on board to help me through. Lots of thought provoking content and well worth going taking the course!


Former Senior Diabetes Counsellor

I worked with Helen Edwards for over 10 years as a Counsellor, with people living with all types of diabetes. Helen's guidance and example assisted me in developing my practice. Helen is a prolific writer, and her many blog posts, articles, books, courses, and visual and oral presentations served as resources for myself and others. Helen's own professional practice was always conducted at an exemplary level, informed by both her personal life experience and a deep level of professional understanding. Helen maintains a high level of current professional knowledge, gained through Academic Study and Research, and through In Service learning via professional conferences, both International and National

Services Include - for people with diabetes & health care professionals


  • Consultation on your projects around diabetes and mental health
  • Consultation on how to best use social media and e health for your diabetes practice or organisation
  • Consumer Advocacy and advice on a range of topics and projects around diabetes management and wellbeing
  • Using Narrative Therapy, ACT and Mindfulness in your diabetes practice
  • How to prevent, identify and manage diabetes burn out in your practice
  • Managing diabetes in your workplace or school

Speaking Topics

  • Identifying, preventing and managing diabetes burn out 
  • Diabetes and mental health
  • Stress and Diabetes
  • Using mindfulness and relaxation in managing diabetes
  • Social media and diabetes
  • Diabetes and pregnancy
  • Parenting children with diabetes
  • How to manage and live with diabetes well
  • Personal stories and experiences in living with diabetes for consumers & HCP's


I have been writing online about diabetes since 2001, including publishing ebooks and books on diabetes topics; writing for numerous journals, blogs and magazines, including Diabetic Living, Diabetes Australia, Diabetes Living; and featured on many more. 

I offer freelance writing for your blogs, websites, articles & magazines. I can work from any brief or work with you to develop a concept for your needs. Social media training and content creation also available for your diabetes or health organisation.

“ Helen Edwards is an experienced speaker and presenter and a pleasure to work with. Helen’s strong communication skills, down-to-earth approach, creativity and perseverance have been paramount in her successful approach to engaging audiences across multiple mediums. Helen’s experience ranges from founding an online counselling service for people with diabetes to now focusing on her sustainable living and decorating business. Helen’s successful approach to social media and blogging has seen her business grow and she continuously demonstrates a strong passion for health, wellbeing and sustainability. “


“ Helen Edwards has many years experience in public speaking. A warm and thoughtful speaker, she engages her audiences with her voice and content. She is very knowledgeable on a range of topics and blends her own distilled thoughts, developed through years of speaking, blogging and research, into beautifully composed words. Speaking from the heart, Helen connects with us all about the importance of even our smallest actions."


“Helen is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced presenter who engages her audience in a professional, yet authentic and relatable manner. Helen has a special skill and passion for building a genuine connection with people. I can not recommend Helen highly enough for workshops, conferences or group presentations."