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I am going to be running an ongoing series of live video chats in our Facebook Group here This will include a range of topics.  New topics will be posted here regularly so keep an eye on the page.


You can join us live, or watch in the group later and leave comments, which I will respond to when I can. I will also post the videos here on the blog the following day, so you can check in here and leave comments. It will be every Tuesday - Sweet Talk Tuesdays - unless I am sick or busy or away etc! I will try to let people know this in the group. 

Please share and also let me know of any topics you would love to see in the live chat sessions. 

  • Sweet Talk Tuesday Topics


    Tuesday 6th June at 5.30 - 6 pm Adelaide time: Topic - Pregnancy and becoming a mum with diabetes

    Tuesday 13th June at 11.30 am - 12 pm Adelaide time: Topic: Parents of kids with diabetes chat session

    Tuesday 25th July at 11.30am - 12 pm Adelaide time: Living with diabetes complications

    Tuesday 15th August at 11.30am - 12 pm Adelaide time: Mindfulness & Stress Management

    Tuesday 5th Sept at 11.30am - 12 pm Adelaide time: Exercise & Diabetes, Working Around Restrictions, Ideas for Exercise, How Does it Impact You?

    Tuesday 19th September at 11.30am - 12 pm Adelaide time - Relationships & the impact of diabetes