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What is the Your Diabetes Hub Directory about?

Are you a diabetes related business, organisation, community, peer support programme, blogger, charity, researcher, diabetes product developer or brand, diabetes service, health care professional, diabetes device company, app or other tech creator?

Are you a person living with diabetes, a loved one, family or friend?

Then the Your Diabetes Hub Directory is all about YOU!

It is about making connections to help spread the word about what is out there, so that people with diabetes can live well.

Making it easier for everyone

There are a huge amount of diabetes organisations, groups and businesses offering support, information, services and products, to help people with diabetes live well.

The problem is that many of you are isolated into your own websites and social media accounts, with no easy way for people with diabetes to find you. Often people are unsure how to get their business out there to people with diabetes. And people with diabetes are unsure about where to start and who to trust.

The online diabetes community has exploded in recent years and many people with diabetes are well informed about their health, and know what they are looking for when it comes to managing.

There are also lots of other people who are very unsure about what is out there to help them. 

Bringing it all together

Either way, there is no one resource that brings all of this together and makes searching easy for both people with diabetes and the businesses, services and information they are seeking. 

Enter the Your Diabetes Hub Directory!

What is the Your Diabetes Hub Directory?

We are building a unique online resource available for people with diabetes and their loved ones, to search for information, support, community, products and services, to help them live well with diabetes.


People will be able to search by location for diabetes blogs, groups, books, research, events, health care professionals and services, diabetes apps, tech, devices, products and more, to make managing easier. 



I first met Helen Edwards in a volunteer situation at a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation even. Soon after I had a lot of contact with Helen through Diabetes Counselling Online which she had formed and I offered to volunteer. My son with type 1 diabetes was then an adult but I still gained a lot of support; knowledge and friendship in that group. I offered to assist with fundraising and I continued with it for many years to help in whatever way I could to support Helen and her organisation to help improve the lives of hundreds and perhaps thousands of people in Australia and some overseas. Her knowledge, dedication, care, quick response to help people in need of advice regarding diabetes is outstanding
kirsty milnes


The Diabetes Burn Out and Depression course offered by Helen at Your Diabetes Hub has been instrumental in helping me to identify when I am feeling burnt out and unable to manage my Diabetes. While I am never going to always get it right, for the most part I can now identify my triggers and work at getting my team on board to help me through. Lots of thought provoking content and well worth going taking the course!



I worked with Helen Edwards for over 10 years as a Counsellor, with people living with all types of diabetes. Helen's guidance and example assisted me in developing my practice. Helen is a prolific writer, and her many blog posts, articles, books, courses, and visual and oral presentations served as resources for myself and others. Helen's own professional practice was always conducted at an exemplary level, informed by both her personal life experience and a deep level of professional understanding. Helen maintains a high level of current professional knowledge, gained through Academic Study and Research, and through In Service learning via professional conferences, both International and National

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