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Putting The Brakes On Diabetes Burnout

 Do you or someone you love live with diabetes?

Experiencing burnout is not about being weak or being a ‘bad’ person. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Diabetes burnout can happen to any person with diabetes at any time, in particular after a period of high voltage stress, ill health or difficult diabetes control. Or it can have no obvious triggers apart from being worn down by years of self-management. What is common to all cases of diabetes burnout is that it can lead you into rough seas with no promise of calmer waters on the horizon. This is different to the experience of depression but can sometimes be related to, happen alongside, or even lead to, depression.

If you find yourself facing burnout, it is critical that you spot the warning signs and take steps to prevent yourself sliding all the way down that emotional slippery dip. This book, written when I was managing my diabetes counselling services, is designed to help. It aims to give you an emotional life raft so you can return to solid ground. It will help you spot early signs of burnout, understand your own triggers and know the best steps to take to stop any downward spiral. It is filled with tips and insights to help you maintain a comfortable relationship with your own diabetes. Each chapter offers helpful ideas and strategies designed to help you better cope, act and react, whether your stress levels have been skyrocketing, you are on the brink of burnout or you are living in the burnout zone.

Grab your e book and read on and find your way back to vitality and healthy diabetes self-management and care.

Diabetes Dino E book and Book

Diabetes Can’t Stop Me Package – Children’s Picture Book + Diabetes Dino + Dragon Characters

Growing up with diabetes is not easy. There are lots of things children and their families find hard. Daily management tasks can become battle grounds and it can be an emotional roller coaster. As a person living with type 1 diabetes since childhood and working in diabetes for many years, Helen Edwards wanted to offer families a resource which takes some of the stress and worry out of managing diabetes. Growing up with her own diabetes struggles, working as a social worker for 25 years and using play therapy in her practice; as well as having hundreds of conversations with families about their daily lives with diabetes, all led to the creation of Diabetes Dino® – book, e book & soft toys. We hope you and your child enjoy reading and playing with Diabetes Dino® and Dragon, and that they can help you to have a calmer, happier and healthier relationship with diabetes.