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Saying It Out Loud

getting support in diabetes is very important and the diabetes online community is here to help you in managing every day life with diabetes

There are usually a few things in life that soothe and nurture you instantly. For me, this includes a cup of tea (any kind of tea), chocolate, flowers, walking in nature, especially in and around trees, or by the sea, and a good natter and cuddle with someone I love. Another big thing that helps…

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Does Diabetes help to make you Shine?

Guest Post Sally Marchini, Dietitian This week I was asked by a Medicare Local to explain for their newsletter what it is that makes me shine as a health professional. It made me consider some the benefits that diabetes has brought me and I thought you may like to add your own ideas. My first paragraph…

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Men and diabetes complications, stepping up, sharing and living happy and healthy

Guest Post David Mapletoft, Diabetes Educator Just like anybody, men with diabetes are at risk of a number of diabetes related complications including heart attack, stroke, kidney and eye disease. And just like anybody, living well and taking time out from worry about diabetes and its complications is important. Men are at just as much…

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Online Balance

Sometimes you need a moment away from diabetes. It is so consuming, so in your face, so part of nearly every moment of your day, that sometimes you need to step back and say “enough”.  Trying to find this balance can be a challenge. You don’t want to forget about it , or neglect your…

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A beautiful thing about diabetes

What is it about diabetes? What makes people reach out, seek others, make connections? Why is the diabetes online community so strong? I have been considering this lately. Back when I decided to start a little website to support people with diabetes the use of the Internet in this way was unheard of. In fact…

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