sick days with diabetes

When Your Body Lets You Down

Do you feel like your body has let you down sometimes? I know some people I have spoken with over the years felt that when they got diagnosed with diabetes, and some people continue to feel this at times as their health fluctuates. If you have been connected to me in some way over the…

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From Little Things Big Things Grow

learning how to manage diabetes

Guest Post by David Mapletoft, Diabetes Educator In my experience working in a large Sydney teaching hospital as a diabetes educator most people I met as an inpatient (in hospital for any reason and having at some time in the past diagnosed with diabetes) had limited or no self management education about diabetes. Visits with…

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Living Alone With Diabetes

living alone with diabetes

Guest Post David Mapletoft, Diabetes Educator Living alone is increasingly on the public radar. One in four Australian households is a lone-person household, and rates have increased sharply since the 1970s. Throughout the Western world lone-person households have become increasingly common, and this trend is spreading to non-Western countries. In some quarters these developments have…

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Diabetes in Hospital

Guest Post by David Mapletoft, Diabetes Educator Going into hospital can be a real challenge, especially for those people who have had diabetes a long time, and who are confident and competent in their self-management. Whether the hospital admission is for a medical or a surgical reason, your diabetes needs some special attention here. Ideally…

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