advocacy: speaking up: staying strong

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘Advocacy’ over the past few months. Part of this has been around some of the negative stereotyping & anger around the different ‘types’ of diabetes. Part of it has been around the health of my 91 year old mother, who is living with dementia, alongside a host of physical…

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An empty nest or a full one?

Are you a parent? And have any of your children grown up? The age at which kids grow up these days is questionable and very different to when my generation were young (MY generation, does that make me sound old?!). I moved out of home at 18 as I had to go to the city…

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IDF World Diabetes Congress 2013, Words for Diabetes

Last week from 2 – 6 December 2013 10,000 people joined as one in Melbourne Australia for the International Diabetes Federation World Congress. Diabetes Counselling Online spoke to thousands of people, we laughed, cried, learnt, shared our work and connected. We asked people to share their words for diabetes.People from all over the world, from…

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