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Sleep ’tis a gentle thing..

Oh Sleep..’tis a gentle thing, belov’d from pole to pole.. Our occasional blogger, Dave Barnes, has shared his thoughts on the ‘night life’ experienced by most people living with type 1 diabetes: the lack of sleep, the various physical needs that must be attended to through the night, the impossibility of an uninterrupted night’s sleep,…

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On the edge: risk taking & diabetes #dblog

Welcome to a story from one of our guest bloggers, Dave Barnes. Dave is an extreme athlete who has lived with type 1 diabetes since early childhood. He has also worked as a Mentor for troubled youth, using physical challenges to help young men to understand  their lives, and to make positive changes. Dave has…

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Feeling knackered: how do I go on?

Guest Post from Dave Barnes – an extreme athlete with type 1 diabetes. He was on a driving holiday in the NT when he wrote this piece and at the time was a wonderful volunteer for our former charity. The post has been updated to reflect the change of focus of this website. For Dave,…

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‘Food, and the Aussie Bloke’ from Ray Price

diabetes management

David Mapletoft and Ray Price – guest post Blokes these days want to take more responsibility for their nutrition and health.  The trouble is that much of the information published is written from a woman’s perspective, or attempts to exploit men’s vanity for wanting a hyper masculine physique.  Protein powders and “miracle” supplements promise a…

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Men’s Health Checklist

Here’s a checklist for general health – men, download and complete, then take this to your GP for a chat about having a general health checkup. Some of the checks may already be happening. BUT it is also possible to have things overlooked if your GP is focussed so intently on diabetes. mens health questionaire…

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Diabetes Coach!

;Guest Post, David Mapletoft, Diabetes Educator Okay Guys, this is the big one, you are playing the game of your life! Make no mistake gentlemen, this is one tough opposition you are facing, won’t give up.  Don’t be fooled by the fact that the opposition appears to be taking it easy! It’s a strategy. It…

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