While we’re busy making other plans..

A diagnosis of diabetes brings the ‘C’ word into everyday life: Control. We get bombarded with information, instructions, advice. We’re told to ‘test’, given pieces of paper to go to a clinic or hospital for a variety of even more ‘tests’. We’re monitored, measured, & judged. For some people, this becomes more important than anything…

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#Moments of #wonderful

pink rose

by Helen Wilde Yesterday my littlest sister flew from Melbourne to Adelaide to visit our mother, who is 91 & living with dementia in a Nursing Home. We were fortunate to be able to catch up for lunch, together with two of our other sisters, a gorgeous niece & a precious 3 yr old great…

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Why you should run in the rain

Sometimes I have so much going on inside me that I feel like I could burst. Thoughts, feelings, dreams, ideas, all jumbled and tumbled inside my head. Welling up inside my heart and spilling out through my eyes in salty tears. I am just an ordinary girl but I have dreams. Many dreams. And I…

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Georgia’s Blog, Relaxation

So soon into the New Year, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed.  Not that I am already, but for Christmas I was given a Pure Indulgence package at a Spa – including a massage, facial and manicure. Even though it was a long day at the Spa it was so relaxing, and at one…

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