It’s Written in the Stars

Human beings are such funny creatures. We become so tribal when it comes to our passions, our beliefs and our area of work. I have been in a number of different professional areas over the 30 odd years since finishing my Bachelor Degree in Social Work. I worked part time like many teenagers, as a…

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A Final Hurrah! Time For Change

Hello there diabetes friends. A lot has been happening around these parts. As you may remember, our last grant for our online counselling services ended in July last year. For the past 12 months we have once again operated solely as volunteers, as we have done many times in the past 15 years, since I started Diabetes…

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Why People With Diabetes Must Raise Our Voices

why people with diabetes must use our voices

Collaboration between people with diabetes, health care providers and policy makers must happen to create better outcomes and quality of life for people living with diabetes, and indeed the entire community. As a person living with type 1 diabetes since 1979 and working in diabetes since 2001, I have seen a shift towards this model…

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10 Things to Hope for on World Diabetes Day

10 things to hope for on world diabetes day

It is world diabetes day tomorrow. There is always a lot of talk about prevention, and obesity and how we can reduce the numbers of people developing particularly type 2 diabetes. There are mutterings about healthy eating and  moving more, which is actually important for everyone, not just people with diabetes. This is all very well…

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Dealing With Control in Diabetes

Life with diabetes is closely connected with the word “control”. When diagnosed with diabetes there is usually a sense of being “out of control” and talk around you from mostly well meaning people, that you need to “take control”. There can be many reasons why it is hard to get, maintain, or hold onto, control –…

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Diabetes and the F word

The “F” word is common when you live with diabetes –  Food, Fear, Frustration, Friendships, Fitness, Forever, Fingers, Feelings, Foresight (is always a good thing), Forgetting (to take your medication,or if you have taken it!) not Forgetting (ever, that you have diabetes), Family (you need them on your team), Forgiving yourself (never blame yourself – for anything),…

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How to stand up to the fear of diabetes

I was thinking the other day that if someone could just come up with a way to check blood glucose that does not require turning your fingers into blackened stubs, where multiple areas bleed when you squeeze for one blood test, and they could eliminate hypos, I would be ok with having diabetes. There are…

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