Why Diabetes is a Family Affair

why diabetes is a family affair

The diagnosis of diabetes is often unexpected and unwelcome to say the least. It can be quite a shock for the person with diabetes and also for their family and friends. Along with the diagnosis of diabetes can come a range of feelings, such as anger, sadness, grief, denial, loss, relief (that you know what…

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On the edge: risk taking & diabetes #dblog

Welcome to a story from one of our guest bloggers, Dave Barnes. Dave is an extreme athlete who has lived with type 1 diabetes since early childhood. He has also worked as a Mentor for troubled youth, using physical challenges to help young men to understand  their lives, and to make positive changes. Dave has…

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Guest Blog: Thanks Teacher

Our guest poet, Maureen Campey, has written another great poem about Parenting a child with diabetes. This time, Maureen has written about her teenage son starting a new year of High School, one of those momentous hurdles that we all face as parents. Here are Maureen’s wise words. Sending our kids back to school always…

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